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Rug Weaves from around the Globe

This section is an indispensable library of hundreds of pictures of weaves (close up from back) from 170+ areas around the Globe. No library is complete without it.

There are three major requirements to identifying rugs:
1. Understand what is a weave by looking for unique knot formations on the back of a rug
2. Begin to recognize how the weave differs in different regions
3. Ability to identify designs, colors and materials to narrow down the options and confirm identification
In this section, you will find many weave samples of rugs from around the world. This weave pattern remains consistent for all the rugs woven in that region. Each weave picture is accompanied by the specific details of materials and sizes to help you better understand each rug.
This section is a reference document which can be accessed at any time to compare and contrast any rug weave you wish to identify. The pictures in this section will provide you a very extensive library of weave patterns for future reference.

Level: Advanced


Delves into 750 rugs from 170+ weaving regions around the globe, including close-up pictures of the weave and its detail.


An extensive library to aid in comparing and identifying rugs from around the world.

Number of pages: 800+

Below are sample pages from the section….

Click here for a list of weaving regions included in this section.
Sample Pages

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