Learning about Persian rug-making is the start to a much larger connection to its rich heritage.

Each rug has its own unique story and history.
This is in part due to the talented people who weave them. Whether they’re a villager, city-dweller, or nomadic, they each bring their own style that’s specific to their regional location.
The GALLERY shows off hundreds of these one-of-a-kind Persian* rugs made carefully by Iranian rug weavers. As you look, consider what appeals to you the most without worrying about how it fits within decoration.
If and when you decide to purchase a Persian rug (through a reputable dealer, of course), you’ll find that you just made an incredible connection with the people who helped make it. From the sheep herder who raised the wool, to the spinner who made the spools of fabric, to the weaver’s nimble hands, you’ve helped financially support their craft while also encouraging the tradition of rug weaving.
If you’d like to learn more about how these special rugs are made, there are ample free resources available to you in addition to purchasing my eBook.

Photos courtesy EscapeFromTehran.com


To learn is to understand, to understand is to appreciate, preserving a tradition through education.

*Historically, Persia was the common name used by western countries for Iran (pronounced e-ron) until 1935 when the country was officially named Iran. The words Iranian and/or Persian represent the same proud nation and people. **Weave refers to the unique pattern of knot formations on the back of rugs. ***bofandeh means “weaver” in Farsi (Persian) which is the language of Iran.


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