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How to weave a kilim – Introduction


How to Weave a Kilim In the sections below, I will show you how to weave a kilim. We will begin by building a loom all the way to adding warps, weaving and finishing the kilim. I have put these videos together for those interested to easily start this wonderful craft.   1. Introduction 2. Materials A complete list of materials to build the loom and also weave the kilim itself. Click here to download Materials' PDF Here are some sources for weaving materials and tools: yarnbarn-ks.com, yarn.com, halcyonyarn.com, [...]

How to weave a kilim – Introduction2023-08-27T13:29:27-04:00

Free PDF Download


PDF on How Rugs are Woven This PDF will provide high-level information on how we went from fabrics to weaving handmade rugs. It also shows step by step, using illustrations, how rugs are woven.  Click here to download Free PDF Back to lessons

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Rugrack Video 45 min


Live Presentation on Rug Weaving This video is a presentation I made at a rug store (The Rug Rack And Home Decor in Chattanooga TN) about how rugs are woven. It includes some question and answers from the audience.  < previous Back to lessons go to gallery >

Rugrack Video 45 min2020-09-08T15:58:07-04:00

H Asymmetric knots


Asymmetric Knots At this point, the foundation work has been completed including securing the base, let's examine closely the two types of knots before we begin the weaving process by tying knots by hand one row at a time. Here, we will examine closely the second major knot type. PERSIAN (Asymmetric) Knot Knots are tied using weaver’s fingers. The Persian knot does not require the knife tool. The number of warps depends on the size of the rug. In this example, our rug will have 23 knots horizontally, so we’ll need 27 pairs [...]

H Asymmetric knots2020-09-08T15:54:49-04:00

bio post


About Kayvon Sadrabadi Kayvon Sadrabadi is a rug expert with over 35 years experience from buying, selling, cleaning, weaving and restoration of handmade oriental rugs. He received a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He spent 20 years in the corporate world while continuing his research and exploration of handmade rugs. For the past three years, he has researched weave patterns in rugs and ultimately published an eBook of his work. He has also created a website, bofandeh.com, as a free resource to educate enthusiasts [...]

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