Volume I - How Rugs are WovenVolume II - What is a Weave Pattern?Volume III - Weave Pictures around the GlobeComplete Collection
General information about handmade rugs including a step-by-step guide with pictures.Explains the definition of a Weave** and how to recognize one. 40+ pieces woven using the same design but different weaves in order to help identify the knot formation on the back of a rug which constitutes a weave.Delves into 750 rugs from 170+ weaving regions around the globe, including close-up pictures of the weave (back of the rug) and its detail.Includes combined content of Volume I, II and III. It is a cohesive and complete collection for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the art of rug weaving.
Enjoy the splendor of 500+ samples of rugs created by Persian* weavers from many regions in Iran available in the market today.Comprehensive descriptions of distinct weave patterns. Recommended for the more experienced, dive deeper into understanding the weave and its variations.
How to Buy a Rug - Tried and true principles to help guide your journey.Overview of regional differences of symbols and designs used in rugs.
Maps of weaving regions (and their weaving nuances) around the world with an emphasis on Iran and its provinces.
Step-by-step illustrations explaining the process of weaving from primitive to modern techniques.
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Works of Art Inspired by Tradition, Excellence & Creativity

Iranian (Persian*) weavers have been creating exquisite rugs for centuries

*Historically, Persia was the common name used by western countries for Iran (pronounced e-ron) until 1935 when the country was officially named Iran. The words Iranian and/or Persian represent the same proud nation and people. **Weave refers to the unique pattern of knot formations on the back of rugs. ***bofandeh means “weaver” in Farsi (Persian) which is the language of Iran.


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